The Best Female Arousal Products Are Available Without a Prescription

The Best Female Arousal Products Have Been Used For Centuries

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is not a new issue for women. Indigenous women have been dealing with the symptoms of FSD for centuries.

The medical profession has identified four types of FSD, and professionals may prescribe a number of different female arousal products to deal with symptoms like vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, a non-existent sex drive, and the inability to reach an orgasm during sexual activity. Pharmaceutical companies call them the best female arousal products available, but the best female arousal products have been around long before the pharmaceutical companies existed.

The best female arousal products are the sexual hormones found in the body, and the natural supplements found in nature that can stimulate sexual hormone production. Prescription medications are synthetic versions of natural chemicals. They can cause some frustrating side effects when they enter the bloodstream, but there are natural non-prescription supplements that stimulate sexual hormone production without the annoying side effects.

In order for the best female arousal products to be effective the cause of FSD must be identified either through professional help or through self-analysis. Over forty-three percent of American women experience some type of female sexual dysfunction, and a large percentage of those women ignore their symptoms or eliminate sex from their lives. They live with the symptoms because they are afraid or too embarrassed to get help.

Most female sexual dysfunction symptoms are caused by excessive stress, depression, anxiety, and a difficult relationship. Some women experience FSD symptoms during pregnancy, after childbirth, or when they are breast feeding.

Illness, disease, alcohol and drug abuse, weight gain, and menopause can also manifest FSD symptoms so it’s important to identify what’s causing your low libido or inability to reach an orgasm during sex before you spend money on the best female arousal products; they may not be formulated to relieve your symptoms.

The Best Female Arousal Products Stimulate Sexual Hormone Production

The mind is the most important sexual organ in the body. If sexual fantasies and desires disappear the ability to enjoy sex is limited, so the best female arousal products must be able to stimulate the mind so the body responds to sexual impulses. Most professionals recommend the ingredients in non-prescription Lyriana to stimulate sexual hormone production.

Lyriana sends messages to the brain so the sexually sensitive areas around the body are stimulated. Lyriana helps lubricate the vagina and helps stimulate the clitoris. When Lyriana enters the bloodstream normal sexual fantasies and sexual desires return. The body relaxes, the sexual appetite increases, and an orgasm is reached during sexual activity.

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